Jill Fischer is an life coach, hypnotherapist, meditation leader and founder of the Pink Ninja School for Empowering Girls. Jill has been on a journey of leading transformational workshops, hosting TV programs and radios shows as well as coaching individual sessions for the past 12 years. This path has taken her on some of the most incredible journeys around the world; from swimming with dolphins in Bimini Bahamas, to training with monks in the temples of Japan, to neuroscience studies in Los Angeles, California.

Anxiety . Depression . Confidence / Self Esteem Issues . Fears . Phobias . Addictions .
Trauma . Insomnia . Weight Issues . Relationship Troubles.

If any of these words describe your life – connect with Jill. She can make the difference.

The work you did with my son has changed his life!  He hangs out with friends – he thinks he has friends now! He’s no longer crippled by his anxiety. This is a direct result of the sessions with you. Thank you so much for reconnecting my son to loving and living his life. I am so grateful.

MM - 2017


Life Coaching

Light Therapy

Essential Oils Specialist

Advanced Hypnotherapy

Pink Ninja Sensei

Meditation Leader



The tools of deep relaxation of meditation and hypnotherapy  bypass our repressions and blocks… render them ineffective and we are once again freed to be the magnificence we truly are.

Now the fun begins!


Red, blue, and infrared light to the skin stimulate beneficial innate cellular responses increasing circulation and activating the release of nitric oxide. NASA studies demonstrate cells exposed to LED light therapy exhibit a 150% increase in cellular metabolism suggesting enhanced cellular repair and vitality.


Essential Oils address symptoms at a cellular level by deleting misinformation and reprogramming correct information so that cells function properly and in harmony with one another. Essential oils can help us surface and release negative emotions and clear our mind to focus on what we do want. Fulfillment . Health . Love & more!